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Fashion prints, accessories with a serious bite

Clear out, leopards, zebras and snakes. There’s another animal, err, well, fish, sinking its jaws into fashion and becoming the most coveted style print.

From shark motifs on crop tops to gold-emblazoned shark teeth strung on necklaces to snarky shark statement T-shirts, it’s clear there’s been an all-out shark attack on fashion.

Feeding the fashion frenzy? The Discovery Channel’s 27th annual Shark Week, which debuted Aug. 10, and it’s television’s longest-running summer TV event with a major fan following. This year, Discovery Channel promised 13 shark-filled specials coupled with a live talk show each night.

“Sharks are part of a pop culture sensation, especially during the summer,” says Christine Wacker, director of e-commerce for Discovery Consumer Products. “It’s exciting to be a part of the trend that has ranged from ‘Jaws’ to ‘Finding Nemo’ and of course, ‘Shark Week.’ ”

So how did sharks become so fashionable?

Sharks appeal to kids who are in awe of their great size and teens and adults are intrigued by their edginess and power, says Wacker.

It also comes down to color schemes.

“Sharks work well for apparel due to the contrast of ominous grays and blue paired with bright reds for blood,” Wacker says.

The Discovery Channel satiated Shark Week fans with apparel and accessories over at Some hits? The “Shark Bite Monokini” designed by Bad Aby that features a leatherette teeth trim taking a “bite” out of the side of the gray swimsuit. And the “It’s a Bad Week to Be a Seal Flip Shirt,” a graphic T-shirt that’s literally graphic. (Hint, you flip it up over your head and, boom, you’ve transformed yourself into a killer shark with a seal in your mouth).

Fashion icon Jaimie Hilfiger ( says adding a little shark feel to your look can be fun.

“The key to not looking like a tour guide from the Jaws ride at Universal Studios is to add light, subtle touches,” she says. “Try incorporating one piece of shark-tooth jewelry to a simple LBD or monochromatic look.”

Companies like Equipment FR, and, for a more affordable option, Forever 21, both have fun printed pieces if you want to wear a shark print, Hilfiger says.

“Pairing a shark-print blouse with a pair of ripped jeans will be a fun and flirty look for a night out on the town with your girls,” she says.

Remember those kitschy shark teeth necklaces you got at the flea market when visiting your grandparents in Florida? They’re back. But now they’re cooler than the ones that you brought to show-and-tell post-spring break.

“As far as jewelry goes, shark tooth necklaces are popping up everywhere,” says Anna James, founder of and Vanity Fair’s pick for favorite blog two years in a row. “But it’s important to pick one with a long chain.”

James, also style editor for, points to for fun, festive nail wraps – including one themed for Shark Week (

“I also love the idea of just painting a simple shark fin as an accent nail against blue,” she says.

More shark fashion ideas for women:

• House of Harlow 1960 “Shark Tooth” pendant necklace ($32.16, This shark tooth-inspired pendant must have been plucked from a shark with some fancy dental work. It’s encrusted with crystals.

• House of Harlow gold-tone crystal pave shark tooth frontal necklace ($72, This necklace is killer, for reals.

Multiple gold teeth line the necklace with graduated shark tooth stations embellished with pave crystals.

• Shark Week shark fin women’s junior fit T-shirt ($26.95, A T-shirt that hints there’s a shark in the water: It features an iconic fin splitting the water.

• High-low shark muscle tank ($12.80, A drapey muscle tank with an almost cartoonlike shark outline makes this shark tank a fun summer piece.

Shark fashion for men:

• Tommy Hilfiger shark print tie ($32.99, Perfect for the attorney in your life? Kidding.

This classic-cut tie takes a playful spin with mini white shark icons.

• Ralph Lauren shark print mesh polo ($89.99 from A polo shirt made from white-washed indigo mesh featuring a bold shark print.

Shark fashion for your guppies:

• Boy’s glow-in-the-dark surf shark T-shirt ($28 from bright blue shirt featuring the mouth of a shark that quips “Looking Sharp.” Adorable!

• Shark-print PJ sets for baby ($9.99 from A short sleeve top says “Totally Jawsome” and sleep bottoms are adorned with shark prints.

• Shark Fin headband ($9.95 from Perfect addition to the dress-up drawer.