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Letter: Companies should fire reckless truck drivers

Companies should fire reckless truck drivers

In the Aug. 7 News, I read with disgust the article, “Firefighter killed, mother injured when hit by truck.” This article struck a nerve with me as my wife and I travel frequently with our 32-foot fifth-wheel trailer and encounter a lot of truck traffic. This particular driver struck and killed a firefighter trying to extinguish a car fire on the side of the road in Kentucky. Why?

A truck driver struck the back of a limousine recently and killed one person and sent another famous comedian to the hospital for several months.

While on a recent trip to Tennessee with our trailer, we passed a semi and returned to the right lane. Another truck driver, who was obviously upset that we passed this truck too slowly for him, blew his horn. When he got halfway past us he actually came over into my lane and I had to move to the shoulder or be run off the road by this very rude and reckless driver. Both my wife and I looked at each other with surprise as we had never seen such a purposely reckless act of driving.

The companies that employ these reckless drivers should get rid of them immediately. When will it be enough? Too many lives are lost to careless driving. I am not saying that every driver is like this. I encounter respectful drivers more often than disrespectful ones. The careless drivers are the minority, but they can and will cause accidents at some point in their career.

Michael A. Boslet