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Letter: African-Americans have always been hard workers

African-Americans have always been hard workers

African-Americans want to work, but some workers at the Erie County Social Services building in Buffalo treat them as if they don’t.

Many African-Americans are frantically trying to avoid the tsunami of economic uncertainty. Some were asking for help with their utilities, while others were seeking information on a homeless shelter. Yet some workers behaved as if these desperate African-Americans were too lazy to work and content with governmental aid.

May I remind them that African-Americans helped build this country? They worked the fields and picked the cotton, laid down train tracks, cemented roads and constructed the White House with hard work and sweat – for the privilege of food and shelter or less than 25 cents an hour.

For 400 years, they did their job and served their second country. But because this country is not morally educated, it won’t repay, through reparations, the free and low-paid labor that African-Americans performed.

Lewuga Benson