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‘Live’ star gets probation

Chris Kattan has been sentenced to three years’ probation for driving under the influence and crashing his Mercedes into a Department of Transportation vehicle on a Southern California freeway earlier this year.

The Los Angeles Times reports the former “Saturday Night Live” star was also ordered Thursday to pay a $500 fine and attend an alcohol education program.

A restitution hearing will be held next month to determine how much Kattan owes the state for damage to the DOT vehicle.

The 43-year-old was arrested in February after he struck the vehicle that belonged to a crew conducting maintenance on a guardrail.

Suit threatened over bill

Kendall Jenner is threatening to sue the Mercer Kitchen waitress who claimed the reality star threw cash in her face after failing to pay a bill there last week. got its hands on a copy of a letter from Jenner’s lawyer to the waitress, which said that Jenner accidentally left the SoHo spot before paying what she owed.

The waitress, who has been identified as former MTV’s “Skins” star Blaine Morris, said via a since-deleted tweet that she followed Jenner out of the restaurant to get the money, which Jenner then threw in Morris’ face.

But, according to the attorney, Marty Singer, the 18-year-old was “extremely apologetic” and “politely handed” Morris the bill’s full amount, $33, plus a $7 tip, after Morris informed her of what she owed.

Since deleting her tweet, Morris has not commented.

No magic in tabloid world

Daniel Radcliffe says he finds the concept of celebrity and the level of interest in the trivia of actors’ lives “weird.”

While promoting his first romantic comedy – “What If,” directed by Michael Dowse – the 25-year-old British star was keen to keep the conversation away from his own love life. Radcliffe is rumored to be dating his “Kill Your Darlings” co-star Erin Darke.

“People ask me about my relationship, and I try to give a little away as possible,” Radcliffe explained.

“People are dying in the world, give time to that.”

And yet despite his best efforts to keep quiet about his personal life, the former “Harry Potter” star remains top tabloid fodder.

“That gets turned into a story in itself,” he said. “ ‘Oh, you’ve been really open about this.’ No, I haven’t. I was just, like, trying to keep my mouth shut.”

Radcliffe was happy, however, to talk about his career choices post-Harry Potter. Since leaving the boy wizard behind him, he has sought out challenging roles and embraced on-screen nudity.

Whether portraying beat poet Allen Ginsberg in “Kill Your Darlings,” or skinny-dipping in “What If,” Radcliffe joked that he wasn’t intentionally seeking out roles in which he can appear naked.

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