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Letter: Lack of responsibility fuels food stamp crisis

Lack of responsibility fuels food stamp crisis

In the article about the growing need for food stamps, The News described a situation concerning a 28-year-old woman with three children who cannot make her monthly stipend last. Despite a community center and school that provide daily lunches for her three children, and food pantries that provide groceries, there still is a shortfall. She mentions living with a boyfriend, and now, apparently, the solution is to have a fourth child.

Am I missing something? Is it sensible to have a fourth child when she cannot support the three she already has? How does she think that child will be supported? Who will pay her medical expenses? Nowhere does it mention a contribution from her boyfriend, possibly the new child’s father? I don’t get it. Does anyone take responsibility for his or her actions? Any thoughts about the future? Are we all enablers?

Barbara Lion