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Letter: ‘Hockey stick’ graph repeatedly validated

‘Hockey stick’ graph repeatedly validated

A letter writer on Aug. 4, misquoting Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy, suggests that the EPA is “censoring” data relative to climate change. Anyone who cares to read the actual quote by McCarthy, in her April speech to the National Academy of Sciences, will readily see that the writer has it not only out of context, but just wrong. Perhaps his source was Rep. Lamar Smith who, in a June hearing on the so-called “Secret Science Reform Act,” completely misquoted McCarthy. Both McCarthy’s speech and Smith’s statement can easily be found online.

Without citing any sources, the writer asserts that the “famous Al Gore ‘hockey stick’ graph that showed future devastation has already been disproven by the same scientists who originally supported it” and that “new data suggests a reversal of the warming trend.” One only needs to research the “hockey stick controversy” to see that the data underlying the graph have been repeatedly validated. In March, the U.N. World Meteorological Organization stated that there has been no “reversal” of the long-term warming trend.

As Casey Stengel used to say, “You could look it up.”

Ron Scott

City of Tonawanda