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Letter: Comments about Hamas, its rockets are laughable

Comments about Hamas, its rockets are laughable

I was aghast that someone could seriously make a statement that the Western nations sided with Israel due to their collective guilt over the Holocaust. What an inane comment to make! The only consistent friend of Israel over the years has been the United States. The other Western nations have not assisted Israel in any meaningful way. As a matter of fact, countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Turkey have generally condemned Israel as an aggressor when Israel tries to defend itself. The Balfour Declaration did not promise Palestine to the Zionists since the Jews have occupied this land for 5,000 years.

To also state that the rockets fired on Israel are homemade is laughable. The rockets are supplied by Syria, Iran and even North Korea. These are not homemade by any stretch. They are highly sophisticated, and were it not for the Iron Dome, many would get through and do significant damage. The charter of Hamas is to eradicate not only Jews in Israel, but in the entire world. There have been 10,000 rockets directed into Israel by Hamas in the last several years. How the people live like this is beyond imagination. For example, there are virtually no outside playgrounds for the children in Israel because of the threat of rockets launched on the citizenry.

In response to the need for Israel’s defense, I quote Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “If the terrorists laid down their arms, there would be peace; if Israelis laid down their arms, they would be obliterated.”

Victor Mingal