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It’s not autumn yet: warm summer weather to return next week

Is it fall already?

It certainly feels like it in Buffalo – Thursday barely reached 65 degrees.

But the cool temperatures are only temporary, says Jon Hitchcock of the National Weather Service in Buffalo.

Expect beach weather to return, with temperatures reaching the 80s, by late next week.

“I think the second half of next week, into next weekend and possibly the following week, we’ll see more typical-summer warm,” Hitchcock said. “At least in low 80s on most days.”

Today, Buffalo’s high is 71 degrees, and tonight is expected to be 58, with mostly cloudy skies.

A few showers and thunderstorms are forecast for late Saturday evening through early Sunday morning, Hitchcock said. The bullk of the rain is expected to occur Saturday night, and most of Sunday will be dry during the day.

Weekend temperatures will inch higher. Tomorrow’s high is expected to be 72 and Sunday, 73.

The temperature looks like it’ll increase each day.

Monday’s high: 73. Tuesday and Wednesday: 75. Thursday: 77.

It turns out the recent surge of cool weather isn’t just happening in Western New York. It’s taking place throughout the country, Hitchcock says.

The upper Midwest, Northeast and even parts of the deep South have been milder than usual lately. There’s a deep trough of low pressure in the mid-level of the atmosphere that directs cool air from Canada southward into the United States. It’s a pattern typical of the fall, not the height of summer.

“Really, we’ve been in this pattern since this past winter,” Hitchcock said. “It’s a similar pattern we’ve been in and we can’t seem to shake it.”