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Aug. 15, 1969: Young Hare Krishnas on the corner draw attention

Many people walked by them at the corner of Main and Mohawk: a group of young people chanting, “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna.”

“Crazy kids looking for attention” are easy to ignore, but these kids could explain their “craziness,” and they did to News Reporter Karen Brady in detail.

"Hare Krishna -- a way of life for these intense young people"

"Well, needless to say, a lot of Buffalonians don't dig it. All these weirdly dressed kids downtown, or in front of the fountain at UB's Norton Union. ... Of course, their neighbors love them -- clean, quiet, asleep by 10 p.m.; the sort of young people who if they read, read scripture, if they write, write about Krishna, if they paint, paint Krishna followers."




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