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Letter: People shouldn’t laugh at others’ misfortune

People shouldn’t laugh at others’ misfortune

I was completely appalled at the article in The News on Aug. 6 in the entertainment section telling about a musical comedy in production in Toronto centering on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s misfortune with alcohol and drug addiction.

The man has a serious problem, and to make fun of it and treat him in this utterly thoughtless way is absolutely despicable. He is a human being in serious trouble, which he has tried to deal with. Does he deserve to be kicked at this sad time in his life?

How low has society become that we can laugh and be entertained at the misfortune of a hurting individual? Evidently, there is a large enough audience to witness this debacle that a play has been written to celebrate it. Has our society sunken to such a low level that we have no feeling for our unfortunate brothers (and sisters)? How sad if this is true.

John Canney

Orchard Park