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Letter: Many people believe gay marriage is wrong

Many people believe gay marriage is wrong

In response to the letter from two clergy members titled, “Churches should welcome all sexual orientations,” I feel that the Rev. Frank Schaefer would have shown more courage if he had declined his gay son’s request to perform his wedding against the wishes of his church. Many non-Catholic clergy find gay marriage unacceptable and are in fear of legal action if they decline to perform the marriage.

Contrary to liberal thinkers, I believe that most people are against gay marriage. Gay people already have rights and their lifestyle should not be forced upon us in television and movies.

As a practicing Catholic, I was taught that matrimony is a sacrament. It was instituted by God to give grace to a man and woman for a successful marriage and the acceptance of children. Man has no right to change the gift that God has given us. We live in a morally corrupt and bankrupt society and need to stand up for what is right. Liberalism is ruining this country. An old saying is that “a fish rots from the head down.”

Most churches do accept full inclusion as individuals. I am not a theologian and I just try to practice my faith, but ask yourself this question: Would Jesus approve of gay marriage? Maybe the writers are confusing “the winds of change” with the hand of Satan. I also believe in a loving and just God. He punishes sinners; he will judge everyone according to his deeds.

Andrew J. Solecki Sr.