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A closer look: Joyce Hill's 'Anchored to You'

Artist: Joyce Hill // Title: "Anchored to You" // Exhibition: "Structure to Surface," on view through Aug. 30 in TGW@497 Gallery

Buffalo artist Joyce Hill has created her own rudimentary visual language to reflect the city she loves. While creating this recent painting, Hill was thinking about the overwhelming physical bulk of the city's oldest buildings, which seemed to her hulking, inextricable form the landscape and in some way "anchored" to the ground. As decline and demolition set in, however, that sense of the buildings as immutable structures was harder to hold onto, and that instability is reflected in the chaos and fragmentation of the painting.

To make the piece, Hill used acrylic paints, nuts and bolts and photographs printed onto metallic paper and layered into the composition. Hill was kind enough to share some of her thoughts about the painting, which doubles as the cover of Ani DiFranco's latest official bootleg. Her thoughts:

"The works in this exhibition are all about the recreation of Buffalo through new city structures. When I was a child in the 50’s I would visit the city of Buffalo many times with my parents. We lived in a more rural neighborhood on Grand Island and these trips to the 'big city' were frequent. Seeing these massive buildings, I used to think that they were permanently anchored to the ground and could never fall down or change. But as an adult, I’ve learned that change is inevitable. And as a city, Buffalo is reinventing itself through its structures. We are going to see a different skyline here in Buffalo. I am hoping others will see this as an awakening of a city that is long overdue for a facelift. I will, however, always be connected to the past of this city and remember it for what it once was. And those memories, the older version of Buffalo, are permanent. These ideas of recreation helped form my piece, 'Anchored To You.'"

Take a closer look at the piece:



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