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Letter: Outpouring of support gives us great comfort

Outpouring of support gives us great comfort

It’s difficult to know where to begin in expressing our sincere gratitude for all of the prayers and gestures of support during these difficult weeks that culminated with the death, visitation, funeral and burial of our beloved son and fiance, Bill Sager Jr.

From Bill’s brothers in arms at the Niagara Air Reserve Station to his friends who raised money to pay for his medical expenses; to complete strangers who expressed their sympathy and support; to first responders; to the media for telling Bill’s story of service to his nation; to the operators of the funeral home and clergy who helped our family celebrate his life; and, finally to the people of Silver Creek who lined the streets waving flags and saluting Bill on his final procession to the cemetery.

All of us who live in Western New York hear story upon story about the generosity and kindness of this great community. We were able to experience this outpouring of care and compassion firsthand, and although it was in the most tragic of circumstances, it provides us with great comfort to know that so many were and continue to think and pray for Bill and our family, and for that we will be forever grateful.

Bill Sager Sr.

Erika Webster