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Letter: E-cigarettes helping smokers kick the habit

E-cigarettes helping smokers kick the habit

The talk of banning e-cigarettes and e-liquids has me beyond frustrated. I am one of the thousands of success stories related to the use of an alternative device that has proven to be the smoking cessation product I have been hoping for. With a diagnosis of COPD after 40 years of smoking cigarettes, I tried many times but couldn’t quit.

Nicotine is the addiction. The more than 4,000 chemicals tobacco companies deem necessary to incorporate into their product was causing the harm. Apparently the Food and Drug Administration is OK with that, otherwise cigarettes would be, without question, off the market, or tobacco companies would be forced to exclude ingredients such as butane from their products, which is not the case here.

I now am tobacco-free. I feel better, breathe better and have no need for the albuterol that had been prescribed for the last four years – all after 10 months. Here’s the shock: The “juvenile flavors” are what made me successful. The claim that e-liquid flavors are directed at kids is too lame to repeat. Adults have enjoyed flavors since the beginning of time, so that argument has just been debunked. People are quitting a highly toxic product by means of a cleaner alternative with its contents found in everyday consumption, like “flavored” drops that enhance plain old water.

The powers that be need to quit dictating what “they” think is best for us; we all have free will. I began smoking when I was extremely young, and no law stopped me. If kids want to smoke, they will. After my terrifying experience with tainted tobacco, I’d rather see them with an e-cigarette.

Julie Jensen