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Aug. 12, 1984: Rick James 'ain't going nowhere'

Written before arrests, trials, and convictions that wound up leaving little to the imagination of even the freakiest of superfreaks, News Reporter Louise Continelli’s look at Buffalo’s Rick James 30 years ago shows an artist trying to figure out what’s next in the wake of mind-blowing success.

Reading this in retrospect, anyone who knows the story of Rick James — especially those who have read the gritty biography released earlier this year — can add their own subtext and snickers as they read, but he seems to acknowledge a reckless lifestyle has gotten him in trouble, and he doesn’t want to be the “next Marvin Gaye,” or John Belushi, or Elvis.

Maybe reading a story like this one makes James, who died 10 years ago last week, an even more tragic figure. You can read quite clearly that he saw where his life was headed, but seemed helpless to stop it.

"Movies, music — Rick’s doing it all in Buffalo"

“ 'I ain’t going nowhere. I ain’t going NO-WHERE. I’m going to be right here making music to dance on for a long time," adding with less swagger, "I promise.’ ”



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