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Aug. 12, 1969: Sedita rails against 'festering sores' in neighborhoods

Mayor Frank Sedita took to the streets, reporter in tow, to declare "war on filth and rubbish.”

Using words like “disgraceful” and “festering sores,” Sedita was unhappy with the few neighbors who were bringing blight to the otherwise well-maintained neighborhood on Elmwood Avenue between North and Allen streets.

A generation later, as a City Court judge in the 1980s, the mayor’s son, Frank A. Sedita II, was lauded for his efforts as a tough housing court judge. Frank A. Sedita III is Erie County’s current District Attorney.

"Sedita launches crackdown on filth, rubbish near housing"

“ 'Get your inspectors out here. Cite the owners. They’re going to fix these conditions or wind up in court,’ said (Sedita).”

12 aug 1969 sedita crack down on filth and rubbisj

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