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Letter: Obama’s presidency plagued with scandals

Obama’s presidency plagued with scandals

President Obama has so many scandals going on, we’re going to need a score card to keep track.

First we had the $500 million Solyndra taxpayer rip-off, then Fast and Furious, where U.S. border agent Brian Terry was killed by an assault weapon provided by the U.S. government. Then the deaths of four Americans in the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which Obama said was caused by an anti-Muslim video – a lie.

We then go on to the IRS scandal, where Lois Lerner’s emails were suddenly erased and her computers destroyed, like a child saying a dog ate his homework. And the spying scandal, where U.S. and ally communications were illegally listened to by the NSA on Obama’s watch.

Next we have an airliner blown out of the sky with 298 innocent people aboard and Russian President Vladimir Putin thumbing his nose at Obama the same way Syrian President Bashar Assad did when he used poison gas against his own people several times after Obama’s “red line” and “game changer” warnings. Now there are 52,000 illegal alien children who ran across the southern border because Obama left it wide open.

What is Obama doing during this time? Fundraising, playing golf, drinking beer and shooting pool. Recent polls have showed his approval rating at an all-time low and called him the worst president ever. America’s standing in the world is also at an all-time low. God help us.

James Ziolkowski