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Letter: Hold Mideast leaders accountable for deaths

Hold Mideast leaders accountable for deaths

Recently, The News has been flooded with accounts of Israel bombing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas rocket strikes in Israel, and tunnels into Israel. The results have been appalling with respect to the number of civilians killed. The News reported that the action has killed more than 1,800 Palestinians and wounded more than 6,000. The United Nations reports that three quarters of the dead are civilians, including more than 200 children.

It is obvious that Israel is committing blatant atrocity far exceeding that which is necessary, and not slowing down. It is, of course, also known that Hamas is dedicated to killing as many Israelis as possible. The sad fact is that a great proportion of Palestinians killed are innocent noncombatants. The number of innocents killed by either Israel or Hamas clearly should not be tolerated.

Ignoring the rights of innocents constitutes “war crimes” and should be treated as such. The planners and leaders of both countries involved in war crimes must be held accountable. A panel must immediately be convened by the United Nations and World Court to document these crimes and bring their perpetrators to trial before the entire world.

Richard P. Leonard

Orchard Park