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Letter: GOP has obstructed Obama at every turn

GOP has obstructed Obama at every turn

Republican strategy session, Jan. 19, 2009: OK, here’s the plan. Everything this president tries to do, we block. Every initiative he proposes, we thwart. Each problem he tackles, we obstruct. If by chance he gets re-elected, then we launch Plans B, C and D – lawsuit, impeachment, warrant and then – cream pies in the face.

Recession? Don’t worry about it. Millions of Americans out of work? Forget about it. Patriots spilling blood overseas? Get over it. We need everybody on their toes at all times. Anytime this guy missteps, we pounce. We greet every faux pas with a subcommittee hearing. His molehills will become mountains. Hope and change will become pain and agony. Fired up and ready to go will become worn down and ready to leave. The urgency of now will become slower than molasses in January.

By God, we love this country. If this guy thinks for one minute he’s going to make it better? Well, he’s got another think coming.

Joe Sullivan