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Letters for Aug. 10

Who’s next in Canton? Let’s start with Kemp

Congratulations to Andre Reed, whose enshrinement in Canton was long overdue. Attention now turns to other Bills who deserve to be considered for a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Who should be included on such a list? For me, Jack Kemp should be enshrined before consideration is given to any other Bills’ from the Marv Levy era.

Kemp passed for more yardage than any other American Football League quarterback during the league’s 10-year existence. He played in seven Pro Bowls and won two league championships. There are certainly other Bills worthy of a place in the Hall, but none more so than Jack Kemp.

Bert Gambini


About time Andre joined the immortals

Finally! I’ve been rooting for Andre Reed to be a Hall of Famer for years. At last I can pass on my congrats on getting what you so honestly deserve, Andre.

Marge McMillen

East Amherst

Bon Jovi doesn’t deserve our trust

Just as he is the front man for the band Bon Jovi, so he has the same function for the Toronto group interested in buying the Buffalo Bills. At most Jon Bon Jovi will be a minority owner. But I say do not trust this man or this group. If and when a decision is to be made about keeping the Bills in Buffalo or moving them to Toronto, he will have little to say on the subject other than to announce it to the media. So he writes a letter to Buffalo fans telling them they will not move the team. I don’t believe him. I don’t trust him. Let the money men in the group pledge that and then maybe I’ll believe them.

Already they are talking about finding a location for and then building a new state of the art stadium. Already they are saying this. Who says we need a new stadium? And if they don’t get what they want, they’ve manufactured an excuse for moving the team to Toronto. Trust No One. Certainly not a Toronto group fronted by a New Jersey boy.

Bill McCarthy

Orchard Park

Top priority shouldn’t be cash

Bills fans were disappointed when Ralph Wilson’s will was made public and it was disclosed that no special provisions were made by Ralph for bidders to keep the team in town.

Then we hoped the trust agreement, which is not being made public, will carry special instructions to the trustees that would cause them to favor a bidder who’s most likely to keep the Bills right here.

Forget that hope. When the trustees extended the time to encourage others to submit bids and encouraged the Bon Jovi group to submit a new bid tells me the family is going for the biggest bucks. Lower on their priority list is keeping the franchise in Buffalo.

A question to the Wilson family: Isn’t hundreds of millions enough? How many steaks can you eat in one meal?

Herb Bertram

Orchard Park

George’s injury provides lesson

The recent tragic leg injury of Indian Pacers’ star Paul George should validate that NBA players risk their careers playing in international games such as the Olympics or other overseas competition.

These players are getting paid enormous salaries and should not be playing other than the NBA. The Olympics were meant for amateurs to compete and not overpaid professionals.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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