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Letter: What a lovely evening at Small Boat Harbor

What a lovely evening at Small Boat Harbor

My wife and I like to go down to the water on a summer evening. On Aug. 1, our anniversary, we decided to go to the Small Boat Harbor. It was about 7 in the evening and we were waiting to be called into Dug’s Dive. We were sitting in one of the clusters of Adirondack chairs behind the bike path between the docks and the gas dock. The chairs were filled with older people like us. The sun was beginning to set over the breakwater. There was a lone permanent bench ahead of us overlooking the water. There was a fellow sitting there, dressed in a dark suit. He was alone, up and down, evidently waiting for someone.

My wife and I talked and then I looked up and the fellow was in a classic tableau, down on one knee in front of a young woman, reaching out to her. I said, “Katie, he’s asking her to marry him!”

He got up, she was crying and they embraced. The people in the Adirondack chairs clapped. They were watching, too. A woman came up and had them repeat it. She then posed them with the sun behind their backs and the flash filled them in.

We were called and went in to eat. When we left, we saw the happy couple outside. She had a bouquet of flowers, and was no longer tremulous. She had adjusted to her new status. They had friends with them now. We ran into some friends. The woman who had taken the photo said that the girl was genuinely surprised.

I wish my grandniece, Annie, who lives with us and is 12 years old, had seen it. You see the most interesting things at the Small Boat Harbor.

Hon. Timothy J. Drury