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Letter: Republicans are incapable of governing diverse society

Republicans are incapable of governing diverse society

John Boehner has the audacity to criticize President Obama’s leadership when the House speaker can’t even control the extremists in his own caucus. The latest of many examples is comprehensive immigration reform, which passed the Senate 13 months ago, and which Boehner has refused to even allow a vote on in the House.

Now the “crazies” in the Republican Party say the president should act on his own, without Congress, to secure our borders. Then, surprise, Sen. Ted Cruz et al. will call Obama “lawless” and want to sue or impeach him for acting on his own.

The Republicans, especially in the House, are rigid ideologues incapable of governing a diverse society. It is they who should be impeached. They are an embarrassment to this country and a detriment to democracy.

Nancy R. Johnston