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Letter: Ebola could be used as a terrorist weapon

Ebola could be used as a terrorist weapon

There are no shortages of volunteers who are willing to strap on an explosive vest, maneuver themselves to be among a large crowd of innocents and then detonate their bombs with the purpose of killing and maiming as many victims as possible. The cost to the organizers of these types of terrorist actions is the price of the explosives and the life of the bomb carrier, who is promised eternity within Allah’s favor and an escape from a life of pain and suffering. Sept. 11 was the day that America became vulnerable to what was considered a Middle Eastern problem.

Today another continent is in crisis. Africa is experiencing the largest outbreak of Ebola in history. It is serious enough that unprecedented steps are being taken globally to quarantine anyone who is suspected of possible contact with the Ebola virus. The relevant news being reported, combined with the complex preventative actions being taken, suppose that one does not wish to be infected with the virus. It is not my intention to scare anyone, but there is cause for alarm. One of the most effective strategies in the art of war is to anticipate your enemy’s actions. Given that sacrificing one’s life has become a common tactic of war, why shouldn’t we assume that there are those who would purposely become infected with the virus? Then, with a valid passport and a congenial personality, an Ebola carrier could fly to America and shake as many hands as possible; then wait and watch for his or her mission to take effect.

When I proposed this scenario to my friends and family, nearly all of them replied: “Don’t give them any ideas!” Anyone who is naïve enough to believe that this strategy is not already being considered probably has stock in the Brooklyn Bridge.

We are a sorely divided nation and, impossible as it may sound, it is time to wake up and find a way to reunite these United States before it’s too late.

Robert J. Wegrzynowski