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Letter: Scoby Dam ought to be demolished, not lowered

Scoby Dam ought to be demolished, not lowered

I read with interest the July 28 News article about the Scoby Dam in Springville.

The one thing that struck me was the Army Corps of Engineers wants to spend $6.6 million on a project to lower the dam when it could probably use about $10,000 worth of C4 and blast it. The dam, as it is, is useless, and doing so would get rid of it cheaply.

The remaining $6.59 million could be used to create access and parking. The waterway would be totally open and natural – the way it should be. Kayakers, canoeists, hikers, fishermen, trappers, hunters, bird watchers, etc., spend a lot of money, which goes into our local economy.

So come on, folks, let’s use the new motto in Buffalo – lighter, cheaper, faster, better. Then use the rest of the money elsewhere along this beautiful waterway.

Gregory Grzeskowiak