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New digital channels give Lucy some love this week

By Alan Pergament

Remember a few Sundays ago when I wrote about all the digital channels available free-over-the-air now?

Well, a movie channel and a classic TV channel are delivering the same message this week: "Here’s Lucy!!!!"

WNYO's sub-channel GetTV and WBXZ's sub-channel COZI TV are both celebrating the late Lucille Ball a few days before and after the start of Lucyfest in Jamestown.

COZI, the classic TV channel on Channel 56.1 that is owned by NBC Universal, announced Monday that it will begin carrying episodes of “Here's Lucy” starting at 4 p.m. next Monday.

In that Emmy-nominated series, Ball played Lucy Carter, and her two real-life children, Desi Jr. and Lucie, co-starred.

A press release announcing the return of the series notes that COZI is a partner in the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival that runs from Wednesday through Sunday in Ball's hometown of Jamestown.

It adds that episodes of "Here's Lucy" will be screened at the festival on Saturday and that "visitors can stop by the COZI TV lounge at the Jamestown Gateway Train Station to sign up to receive free 'Here's Lucy' memorabilia."

 The channel also plans a Labor Day marathon of "Here's Lucy" on Monday, September 1.

 Meanwhile, GetTV, which airs classic movies on Channel 49.2, is focusing Wednesday on Lucy's movie career.

It will air several of Ball's movies that premiered from 1947-51. The movie festival stars at 11:05 a.m. with "The Fuller Brush Girl" with Eddie Albert.

GetTV follows that "Girl" with "Her Husband's Affairs" with Franchot Tone, "Miss Grant Takes Richmond” with William Holden, and "The Magic Carpet" with John Agar.

You deserve some free memorabilia if you remember Franchot Tone and John Agar.

"The Magic Carpet" was Ball's last film before moving to television to play Lucy Ricardo in "I Love Lucy."

Channel 4 is advertising for a new news director to replace Joe Schlaerth and the copy sure makes it sound likes the station is looking to change its dull image.

Here's what the ad says, in slightly edited form:

"Do you think working in TV news is more exciting that ever? Do you wake-up 'jazzed' because you are creating the future of electronic journalism? Does planning coverage on multiple platforms get your creative juices flowing? If your answer to all the above is a big, fat YES!, then News 4 Buffalo may be the place for you.

 "We're looking for a News Director to be a partner with our tremendous staff of journalists. If you love investigative journalism, you'll do plenty of that here; if you're passionate about covering some of the wildest weather anywhere, we’ve got  that too, and if  guiding a team of award-winning pros is right up your  alley, then WIVB News 4 is right where you belong.

"We're not looking for the same old thing. We want a person who's not afraid to shake it up and spends part of each day looking for that next "big thing." We have all the tools you'll need, and the mix of seasoned journalists and fresh, new talent that make coming to work fun."

Fun? Wow. According to numerous sources, it wasn't so much fun to work there under Schlaerth.


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