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Letter: Kensington Expressway leaves a lousy impression

Kensington Expressway leaves a lousy impression

It’s so exciting to see the City of Buffalo improving so many of its public areas. Even though we live in the suburbs, most of our entertainment is done downtown. The problem is, in order to get there we have to travel the Kensington Expressway. What an eyesore! It’s not a good first impression for a new visitor traveling from the airport to one of the new hotels downtown.

Maybe local nurseries or landscapers could “adopt” part of the highway, and we could vote on our favorite section by a small sign shout-out. Why can’t the shoulder of the road be cleared of trash weekly, and weeds removed from cracks and crevices?

Now that improvements to the road surfaces are being made for our cars, how about continuing with some improvements for our eyes? We want to make a good first impression, Buffalo!

Carol Fasciana