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Letter: Eliminating tenure would be disastrous

Eliminating tenure would be disastrous

The current effort to deprive teachers of tenure will have consequences not foreseen by its advocates.

Teachers who have no protection will be forced to give even the worst students high grades lest those who will not or cannot learn will blame the teachers for their own failure and demand teachers be fired for their incompetence. Fearing the loss of their jobs, teachers will be forced to pass everyone, however poor his performance.

The best teachers will lose their jobs at once as the mediocre teachers will do all they can to rid themselves of the competition. Moreover, clever faculty politicians will influence administrators to favor them, no matter how poor their performance, even as elected officeholders will demand contributions from teachers lest they lose their jobs.

Teachers without tenure protection will no longer be able to speak their mind on any issue lest they be fired for having the “wrong” opinions. Deprived of protection, teachers will become the victims of all kinds of harassment by bosses and administrators. In the end, only the most incompetent will chose this underpaid profession.

Gerhard Falk