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Letter: Request to censor opinions discredits scientific method

Request to censor opinions discredits scientific method

A writer from Derby suggests that media groups, including The News, no longer need to publish any study or opinion that doesn’t support global warming as a solid fact. The far-fetched and non-statistically based notion that 98 percent of scientists agree that the Earth is going through “climate disruption” is the basis of this argument. Maybe we should start burning school books again?

Scientific-based climate debate is occurring, even at the EPA level. Unfortunately, regarding the Environmental Protection Agency, opposing data must be kept behind closed doors to ensure the agency retains enormous funding and regulation authority. For this reason, it is critical the House and Senate Science Committee pass the Secret Science Reform Act to allow the public access to all environmental data, not just hand-picked data. The public doesn’t realize that it doesn’t have access to all data the EPA uses for regulations. Per EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy: “We protect our data from those who aren’t qualified to use it.”

Nobel prize winning physicist Ivar Giaever, who supported President Obama in the previous election, resigned from the American Physical Society stating that he and an ever-growing number of other prominent scientists do not agree the debate is over. Actually, new data suggests a reversal of the warming trend. The famous Al Gore “hockey stick” graph that showed future devastation has already been disproven by the same scientists who originally supported it.

About 99 percent of scientists claimed Thomas Edison couldn’t invent a light bulb that could last more than 30 seconds. Good thing we never censored his work.

David J. Maternowski