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Clearing up some mysteries about NBC's Bills coverage

By Alan Pergament

Some additional words about my Sunday night tweets during the Buffalo Bills' 17-13 loss to the New York Giants in the preseason opener because some times you need more than 140 characters to explain things. Note: Some of the wording and punctuation of the original tweets has been refined:

Tweet: Why did NBC switch so quickly from the coin flip and Jim Kelly to show the coaches?

Additional comment (AC): It was supposed to be an emotional moment and instead NBC switched to showing Bills Coach Doug Marrone and Giants Coach Tom Coughlin, who we could see on the sidelines for 60 minutes. It also would have been nice to see who actually won the coin toss.  

Tweet: When Cris Collinsworth says the Bills have good looking athletes I hope he isn't talking about their looks.

AC: I'm sure he was talking about their talent, but it still sounded funny.

Tweet after reading all the tweets from WGR's Joe Buscaglia: You no longer the sideline reporter?

AC: Never heard back from Joe B, who was a little busy tweeting throughout the game. So busy that I doubted he was being a sideline reporter. Anyone listen to the radio broadcast? 

Tweet: I have seen the pilot of "The Mysteries of Laura" with Debra Messing. It's a silly mess. The mystery is it is getting on the air.

AC: OK, this is a new TV season preview. I really know why it is getting on the air. It stars Debra  Messing. But the idea for the show seems as old as Angela Lansbury.  

Tweet: I couldn't get to the end of "Bad Judge" and I am a Kate Walsh fan. It is really baddddd.

AC: Another new TV season preview.

Tweet after EJ Manuel was getting bashed for having three balls batted down: In EJ's defense the guys batting the ball in two cases were in coverage and not rushing the passer. Still not good.

AC: It was more disaapointing that the quarterback didn't hit Sammy Watkins on a go route.

Tweet: Unless it is Andre being interviewed, ignoring the game is annoying even during the preseason:

AC: I know NBC thinks no one cares about preseason game action, but then why does it bother to carry the game?

Tweet: Curious that Al Michaels accepted as fact the speculation about bids for Bills:

AC: The latest news I've heard is that all the earlier speculation about who bid what is wrong. Al seemed to accept it as fact.

Tweet: Al Michaels quotes what Donald Trump told him. And we all know Trump wouldn't lead anyone wrong, don't we.

AC: How many of us would bet a million in cash if we had it that Trump's claim that he offered a billion in cash isn't exactly the case?

Tweet after Bills receiver Chris Hogan is praised: Let's hope Hogan is next Wes Welker:

AC: From all the preseason talk, it sounds like a possibility. Like Welker, Hogan started his career as a Miami Dolphin, where he was nicknamed "7-11" on HBO's "Hard Knocks" because he was always open. 

Tweet: Must say the first 10 minutes of "Marry Me" is very funny. But don't know where it goes after the pilot.

AC: Another new season preview. I laughed out-loud at the first 10 minutes, but the premise may not last as long as some of Larry King's marriages.

Tweet after NBC ran the halftime piece on Jim Kelly that I wrote was worth waiting for: Watched it five times in AM and still cried this time. Piece did good job balancing the sad and the optimistic. Loved the end. Guaranteed.

AC: In the end, Kelly said one of his future hopes is "making the sure the Bills reach the Super Bowl -- (and) win one!"  

Tweet in response to a follower saying that ESPN's "Outside the Lines" piece on Jim Kelly was better than NBC's halftime piece: Not a competition. OTL piece was 30 minutes. Agree it was stronger. But also sadder.

AC: The OTL piece was much more dramatically shot and had much more detail about Kelly's medical struggles. The first 10 minutes or so still might be repeated on SportsCenter at times this week. ESPN also reported this afternoon that it will repeat it at 5:30 p.m. today on ESPN2.

Tweet: Collinsworth likes the Bills' O-Line. Training camp problems must not mean anything but D-line is very good.

AC: We've been reading all during camp that the offensive line has been shaky so this remark from Collinsworth was the most surprising. 

Tweet: OMG: The promo for "The Mysteries of Laura" gives away the surprise of the pilot. Really dumb.

AC: The promo and the show are really dumb. The promo apparently expects viewer will forget about it when the show actually airs.

Tweet: Really? An interview in the last three minutes as the game is being decided. 

AC: Silly me, thought NBC would actually concentrate on the game during the Bills last attempt to take the lead.

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