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Letter: Israel right to respond to attacks from Hamas

Israel right to respond to attacks from Hamas

Nick Anderson must have attended the same class with Adam Zyglis, in political cartoonist school, that stressed the telling of half truths. In his July 29 cartoon, Anderson showed Israel’s defensive dome protecting Israelis and its offensive “dome” attacking Gaza residences, and by inference, Gaza’s people.

What is not shown in those residences, in addition to the people of Gaza – who are strongly “encouraged” to remain in the places that Israel has informed them will be bombed – are the rocket launchers, stored rockets and tunnels to Israel for the purpose of kidnapping hostages. These same tunnels could also be used by Hamas to actually attack Israel and its citizens in an all-out war.

Israel’s bombs appear offensive despite the fact that it is Hamas that breaks the truces by sending rockets at random targets in Israel. Those Israeli bombs are a response to the Hamas attacks and are defensive and necessary to protect and defend Israel’s citizens and Israel’s right to exist as a free and independent country.

I understand that political cartoons are generally simplified to express the cartoonist’s point of view, but fair and honest journalism requires the telling of the whole truth, not just what conveniently fits into the space allocated.

Arthur Block