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Letter: Low poll numbers reflect Obama’s poor performance

Low poll numbers reflect Obama’s poor performance

I do not wonder why President Obama has low poll numbers because I know. And please, what has race to do with it? Stop this rhetoric; after all the man was elected twice. Americans have proven themselves so please, stop beating a dead horse.

He has not kept us safe since 9/11. Obviously the writer has forgotten the Boston Marathon bombing. We are also still at war as long as our young men are still in danger in Iraq. We did not prevent what will become a war in Ukraine and we sure have not helped Israel, our closest ally.

The writer asked what is different about this man. I will tell him. Our debt has risen to a very dangerous amount where we are no longer solvent. We had a health care plan shoved down our throats and forced on us. If the writer thinks this is freedom, I can see where we differ. I love everyone to be treated equal, not see a government agency like the IRS go after whomever it chooses with the White House’s blessing and absolutely no accountability. I could go on and on.

I think the expression “take back the country” refers more to a positive thought, like bringing everyone together. Yes, to work together for the common good and not isolate us as a country or as a people.

Margo Rizzo