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Letter: Hamburg should listen to School Board member

Hamburg should listen to School Board member

I have to give Catherine Scrauth-Forcucci, Hamburg School Board member, a lot of credit for standing up for her principles. Personally, I think she is the one who should remain on the board. It would be a loss to the district if she resigned, although I wouldn’t blame her one bit.

It is my hope that those who judged her inappropriately will listen to what she has to say. It is interesting that parents, board members and staff rallied around the $164,000-a-year superintendent, Richard E. Jetter, over a nonpaid board member who seemed only to be interested in the welfare of the students and staff who have been wrongly treated, whilst Jetter thought he could manipulate everyone. He almost got away with it. Kudos to the citizen who came forward.

Joanne Zabielski