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Letter: Garden Walk Buffalo highlights resurgence

Garden Walk Buffalo highlights resurgence

After missing 19 previous Garden Walks, I decided to attend this recent event and spent the day viewing as many of the homes and gardens as possible. I marveled at the many beautifully restored and well-maintained homes, with front, side and back yards dressed with colorful gardens that were in turn regaled with creative sculptures and ponds.

As I traveled down one street, then another, stopping to chat briefly with the many individual residents, it became apparent to me that as beautiful as the homes and gardens were, what was even more beautiful was the infectious “can do” spirit of its resident stakeholders who, beyond opening their property for the enjoyment of our greater Buffalo community, poured their hearts out with numerous examples of hospitality for this pageant in the true spirit of the City of Good Neighbors.

For those who are not aware, for the past 20 years there has been a “quiet revolution” going on in many residential neighborhoods west of Main Street. Well, the word is finally out and this revolution is not quiet any longer and it is being favorably made note of beyond our immediate area. Based on what I observed, I am confident this resurgence of neighborhood reclamation will only continue to grow because the seeds have been properly planted, cultivated and spread through the various neighborhoods by the people of Buffalo – those who lived there to begin with and those suburban transplants who wanted a different lifestyle and had the courage to re-establish roots in an urban environment and renovate their property. I must say: Job well done, Buffalo residents.

Edward F. McKee

East Amherst