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Letter: Bike ferry at Canalside is exactly what we need

Bike ferry at Canalside is exactly what we need

I was excited to see a plan announced the other day by Assemblyman Sean Ryan for a bike ferry at Canalside. Something like that would immediately make our waterfront more vibrant and pedestrian-friendly.

For years, we’ve been hearing about plans for an outer harbor bridge; a bike ferry is a much better and much smarter idea. It would connect Canalside visitors with the outer harbor easily and inexpensively – and, crucially, it’s a doable plan. Buffalo is always full of conversations about silver-bullet projects to instantly transform one area or another, if we could only pull them off. The waterfront has been the target of a lot of that kind of thinking, and the outer harbor bridge is a prime example of those silver-bullet daydreams. It would cost something like $100 million and take ages to build.

The best solution for our city’s problems isn’t always the most expensive one. There are plenty of other ways to spend $100 million on the waterfront, if that’s what people want to do. A bike ferry is a practical answer we can implement quickly, and I’ll be excited to see what it can do for the outer harbor.

Victoria Brockmeier