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Infringement Planner: Day 10

The Infringement Festival is nearing its end, yes, but it's not going out with a fizzle. Case in point: Today's packed schedule, from which I've pulled out the following five events:

"Graffiti Reading," 1 p.m. in El Buen Amigo

This ever-evolving play is drawn from the alternately funny and inappropriate graffiti on the wall of the women's bathroom in Nietzsche's. After the four-person cast finishes the reading, audience members can read from the supplied collection or contribute their own favorite pieces of graffiti.

El the Mime, 1:30 p.m. in the Crane Library

An Infringement staple, El the Mime creates new short sketches every year for the festival and they're always fun and instantly relatable. This year, she presents the self-descriptive "Airport Agony" and "Early Morning Hysteria." Bring the kids.

"Tree of Liminality," 5 to 9 p.m. in Days Park

If The Onion were to write a sendup of contemporary performance art, it might sound a lot like the description for this project, which returns to Days Park for the second year running. It's described as "an interactive performance where participants can engage in existential conversation with a visionary being who lives amongst the tree’s enchanted branches."

"The Albatross or Shining Blues," 7 to 9 p.m. in ScenoArt Studio & Gallery

Nearly every year, artist Ella Joseph debuts a new installation or performance for the Infringement Festival. She hadn't planned on doing one this year, but inspiration struck her during the winter and she created an installation involving local drummer David T. Phillips and a number of percussion instruments either hanging from the ceiling or strewn about the floor of her home gallery space. Tonight is the final performance.

"Bounce on Down to Dreamland Town," 7 11 p.m. in Dreamland

One of my favorite parts of the Infringement Fest is the opportunity it provides to check out some of the city's newer cultural spaces. If you haven't ambled down to Dreamland, a cross-cultural space established earlier this year on Franklin Street, tonight's music event is as good a chance as any. It features performances from Strega, Pam Swarts, Joseph & The Beasts, Giggle the Ozone and Orcsmear. Just one warning from the show's description page, though: "No squares."


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