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Letter: Hamas is not interested in making peace with Israel

Hamas is not interested in making peace with Israel

Israel recently accepted the proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza. Hamas will accept it if all border crossings are open and unrestricted. I find it incredible to see the weaponry (10,000 rockets, etc.) Hamas has massed with the blockade in place. What might it bring in if the cease-fire was lifted?

Israel previously permitted many items to enter Gaza, including building materials, with the expectation concrete and cinder blocks would be used to erect homes, schools and businesses. Instead, Hamas used the products to fortify the tunnels they have dug to store missiles and to infiltrate Israel in order to kill or kidnap Israelis.

I listened to the Hamas representative answer a question as to why he remained in Qatar and did not go to Gaza. He responded that Israeli soldiers had expelled Palestinians in 1948. His answer is very clear and transparent. Hamas wants Gaza, the West Bank and all of Israel. We need to take him at his word, which is also reflected in the Hamas Charter. Sometimes, I can believe what Hamas says.

Sandra W. Myers