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Letter: Lost IRS emails story is impossible to believe

Lost IRS emails story is impossible to believe

Hard to tell whether this is the beginning or the end of the new America. Congress consists of 435 representative voting members of the House and 100 United States senators. Yet Congress is attempting to tell us they are not able to get a few email logs from our Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS is standing firm on lost or irretrievable email records. Further, it will take a special prosecutor to bring about the aforementioned email records to the congressional committee. Am I hearing this right? Does the IRS believe the American public to be this stupid, this tolerant of what has become a runaway tyrannical government?

From what little I know of the IRS, it keeps more important records about the happenings in this country than any other agency anywhere in the world.

Most notably rigidly requiring taxpayers to keep seven previous years of records in the event of audit. Yet they don’t have agency email records going back six months.

America, it just may be time to put down your smartphones, Kindles, iPads, etc., and turn on the news. Because if the IRS can get away with targeting political groups, they can sure confiscate your electronic equipment tomorrow or whenever.

Joseph Coia

West Seneca