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Letter: Spend money for a better performing arts center

Spend money for a better performing arts center

Buffalo needs a new Performing Arts Center. Shea’s was a great venue, but not for the 21st century.

Shea’s lacks reasonable and convenient parking and more-spacious seating, not jammed in elbow to elbow. What is needed is a large entrance for people to congregate, spacious hall avenues and better bathroom facilities.

Let’s spend part of the $1 billion for Western New York for the enjoyment of all persons living in the area; enough has been spent on sports.

Tampa’s Performing Arts Center could be an example of what is needed for Buffalo.

It has a large parking ramp, large entrance for beverage concessions, convenient ticket offices adjacent to the entrance, valet parking and fantastic sound and lighting. A real joy to attend performances.

Let’s bring Buffalo into the 21st century.

Jules Krieger