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Letter: Black bears will do no harm if people use common sense

Black bears will do no harm if people use common sense

The black bear or bears that are roaming around Erie County should be left alone.

Hearing people say the bears should be caught or even put down is ridiculous. The bears are more afraid of us humans than we should be of them.

Sightings of black bears are increasing due to a decrease in their natural habitat. Seeing them in towns and villages shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s our fault they are moving into our backyards. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting news when you hear of one close by, but it’s becoming old news.

If you’re deathly afraid your child is going to be harmed by the bears, then don’t leave them alone, maybe watch your children. Cleaning up your yard and making sure you don’t have garbage everywhere will help to ensure they don’t hang around your house. Just let the bears move along the way they would anyway and not interfere.

Nature will take its course like it always does, and they will find a new home at some point. Then we can all start complaining about the next big thing that comes along.

Sarah Rast Alden