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Terms of Keresztes' employment as interim superintendent

Wednesday night's Buffalo School Board meeting was productive, but long. At 11:40 pm, the board came out of a closed session to approve a two-page employment agreement with Will Kerestzes. (This is why News reporters stay to the very end.) The letter lays out the terms of his employment and compensation.

Of primary interest is Keresztes compensation as interim superintendent. He will earn a daily rate of $345 in addition to his regular pay as chief of student support services. Though Keresztes is not expected to stay in the position longer than a few weeks at most, we did some math for fun.

Assuming a five-day work week, Keresztes' additional pay would calculate out to $1,725 a week, or $89,700 a year. That would be in addition to the $134,160 he already earns from his prior position, leading to a total salary of $223,860 a year. That compares to former Superintendent Pamela Brown's annual salary of $217,500 (though she also received a $10,000 performance bonus).

There's no way Keresztes would actually earn $223,860 since he's only expected to hang onto his seat until the incoming board can name a new longer-term interim superintendent in July. Keresztes has also publicly stated that he will not apply for the longer-term interim job (though he might be interested in the permanent one down the road).

Below is his employment agreement with the School Board, which was signed shortly before midnight. To review Wednesday's board meeting, Keresztes' first as as interim leader, check out the live blog from the meeting also posted on the School Zone blog. 

-- Sandra Tan

Keresztes Superintendent Agreement

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