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Letter: Traffic infractions change should be handled better

Traffic infractions change should be handled better

The proposed legislation to transfer the adjudication of City of Buffalo traffic infractions from the DMV to the city will result in an assembly line system of reducing moving violations to non-moving ones, much the same as in most other local courts.

Such plea bargaining practices have prevented the license suspension or revocation of persistent violators. It is unlikely that prosecutors will attempt to ascertain if the violator has had such a reduction previously; it will be automatic reductions with no questions asked.

In order to save the city the expense of prosecuting moving violations, the police might as well issue the moving violator a parking ticket to begin with. Most violators would then plead guilty by mail.

A better system would be to permit a first-time speeder, charged with less than 15 mph over the limit, to plead guilty to a moving violation with a fine, no points assessed and insurance premium increases prohibited. Future moving violations within a five-year period would not be eligible for any reduction.

David R. Markus