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Letter: Current global problems rest at the feet of Obama

Current global problems rest at the feet of Obama

Recently there has been much written and aired about problems with Russia in Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East for which President Obama, the now former hero and darling of the liberal media, is now being castigated as being detached or oblivious to these happenings.

Blame should not totally rest with the president.

I feel most, if not all, the blame lies with the brain-dead American voters who fell for a monumental scam from an inept, unqualified Chicago community organizer hustler with the thinnest public service resume on record. Surely Elmer Fudd, Forrest Gump or even Jimmy Carter would be more qualified.

With an attempt to acquire some personal and public significance, Obama achieved the nearly impossible only to repeat the feat in 2012. With current events so dangerous, matters are now dire.

The clock is ticking, things are getting worse and I hope it’s not too late.

Harry A. Gugino