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Possible zoning code changes in the Town of Dunkirk discussed

DUNKIRK – Possible changes to the Town of Dunkirk zoning code were discussed in a workshop session for members of the Town Board and Zoning Board on Tuesday.

The session included possible changes for several districts.

In the residential districts, it was decided that storage building sizes should be increased from 600 square feet to 1,200 square feet.

The members agreed to eliminate a manufacturing district along Brigham Road and include the area in an agricultural district. It was agreed that certain types of manufacturing, especially those considered “green” or high-tech, would be considered for the area.

Businesses in the town’s commercial district on Route 60 would be allowed to have large electronic signs under the new code. Signs that are animated and change are only allowed with a variance under the present code.

The new code proposals also include increases in the size of signs that are permitted, as well as the number of signs.

The size and number of signs will be determined by a formula based on the square footage of frontage of the building in the area.

Members of both boards were asked to consider the maximum allowable height of new buildings constructed in any district in the town.

The officials were reminded by Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Maurer that they may want to consider reducing the height of buildings near the lakefront area, as views for other property owners should be considered.

The officials agreed to meet again July 16 to consider formal changes. The final zoning code document is expected to be the topic of a public hearing before the Town Board in September.

A complete list of changes is available for viewing in the town clerk’s office.