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Letter: Private school families subsidize public schools

Private school families subsidize public schools

In response to the June 16 letter, “Private schools need to pay their own way,” I’d like to make a few points.

First, while attending a private school is absolutely optional, those families already do pay school taxes for public schools yet receive no significant benefits, other than public school transportation. Thus that decision causes those families to pay twice. Maybe those attendees should be allowed to opt out of paying the local public school taxes?

Secondly, these families are just asking for some tax relief since they have decided to opt out of the public school educations that they are funding. They are not asking for a “handout.”

And lastly, if all of the private schools closed and forced those students to attend public schools – again, I want to emphasize for which they are already paying – it is very likely local school taxes would increase to handle the additional students; buildings, buses, teachers, etc.

So it’s a credit me now or we all pay later proposition. You may not wish to pay for this, but in the end we all pay for it.

Bill McCarthy

Orchard Park