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Letter: Niagara Falls could teach Buffalo how to care for rails

Niagara Falls could teach Buffalo how to care for rails

It was great seeing the ceremony marking the start of renovations for the new rail station in Niagara Falls.

While this project was being debated for decades it took the vision and hard work of Mayor Paul Dyster to finally bring this to fruition.

A historic building is being restored as an Amtrak station and will serve as a stimulus for this city. I applaud the joint efforts of the city, county, state and federal government to finally bring this important project forward.

Unfortunately this vision and effort is totally lacking in the City of Buffalo and Erie County.

Buffalo’s iconic Central Terminal sits as a stark reminder of how a historic building with vast potential to revive the East Side sits totally ignored by the powers that be.

Buffalo is the only Amtrak stop west of Albany that has not seen significant investment in its rail station.

While Rochester gets over $20 million and Niagara Falls over $50 million, Buffalo got new paving at that embarrassment called a train station in Depew.

I guess having a mayor in Buffalo who takes for granted the voters on the East Side doesn’t provide the incentive to help those constituents.

Hank Olejniczak