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Letter: Death planning feature did not mention pay options

Death planning feature did not mention pay options

I’ve just completed reading the New York Times article that was reprinted in the June 16 News, “Take the burden of your death off your heirs.”

The article contained much helpful advice but it neglected to inform the reader of the availability to preplan and or prepay their funeral with their funeral director. New York State has a law that enables an individual or couple to document their wishes and prepay their funeral expenses.

There are two forms of a pre-planned funeral arrangement. One, it can be informational only. Second, they can prepay their funeral expenses, in which case the money is put into a trust account for them to be used at the time of death for their final expenses. This eliminates the burden of expense for the surviving family at the time of their death.

For Medicaid or SSI recipients, the monies are irrevocable and can only be used for final expenses.

Taking the time to preplan and or prepay will further take the burden of death-related decisions off of the family that is left behind.

Anthony P. Amigone Sr.

Past President

New York State Funeral Directors