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Garden or gallery? A new artwork emerges on Bidwell Avenue

In 1992, the conceptual artist Robert Irwin began to plan a new artwork for the grounds of the Getty Center in Los Angeles. That artwork became the center's famous Central Garden, a constantly evolving collection of plants and landscape elements designed to fit Irwin's own ideas about light, color and reflection.

On Saturday, Buffalonians will have a chance to explore a similar project emerging at 47 Bidwell Ave., where landscape artist Matthew Dore and visual artist Alfonso Volo are collaborating on a new garden/art project called "A Territory of Collaboration." The new artwork is being fostered by Claire Schneider, an independent local curator and former Albright-Knox Art Gallery staffer whose latest project, the exclusive but extremely buzzworthy "Fargo House Dinner," combined culinary art, architecture and sculpture.

Dore and Volo, according to a release from Schneider, will incorporate plants and other landscape elements that mirror aspects of the surrounding neighborhood and the house at 47 Bidwell Ave.

"Plant selection is being built around finding species that share the scalloped patterning of the shingles, mimic the conical cupola, the pointed ellipses of the stained glass windows, and the tulip shape of the lamppost," she wrote. "Other choices mirror the ephemeral forms of the residence – smoke, steam, flowing water, and highlight a secret space under the porch. A small, undisturbed central spot will create a garden navel."

The site will be open for visitors from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday, with some of Volo's planning drawings on display, and will evolve throughout the summer as Dore and Volo add new plants and other features.

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