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Gronk tales: Bros will be bros

Make no mistake: Rob Gronkowski is working feverishly to take "being a bro" to a whole new level. Decked out with sunglasses and a post-workout recovery drink, Gronk shows off a shirt of a guy who's wearing a shirt of him.

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Shocking? Not really.

After all, this is the time of year when the New England Patriots' tight end, originally from Amherst, becomes less of an opposing football player and more of a pseudo-local celebrity.

In the above tweet, Gronk's T-shirt is emblazoned with a picture of teammate Julian Edelman wearing a Gronkowski t-shirt, mimicking the Macaulay Culkin-Ryan Gosling trend of celebrities wearing T-shirts of other celebrities wearing their T-shirts, if that makes any sense.

With the Bills' unpredictable Stevie Johnson shipped to San Francisco, the prospect of local off-season, off-the-field football entertainment -- like SJ13's rap videos and harmless pranks of past seasons -- seemed at risk, for a while, at least.

Enter Gronk, who's no stranger to the summer spotlight -- he's posed with adult entertainment actresses, gallivanted (on-camera) at parties with his shirt off and was scorned for making racially insensitive remarks -- engaged in something much less offensive but considerably "bro-y" early this week.

Not every summer Gronk move is self-aggrandizing, though, as he also tweeted that he shaved his head again to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, and he was at Encore in Buffalo last Friday to support the White Party, which raised money for Carly's Club at Roswell Park.

What will the former Williamsville North student-athlete concoct next? We wait with baited breath.

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