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Letter: Prepare for onslaught of Rove’s dirty tactics

Prepare for onslaught of Rove’s dirty tactics

As we approach the midterm elections, and even the 2016 presidential election, we’d better brace ourselves yet again for the onslaught of deceit, hypocrisy and outright lies that have been a staple of American politics since two years into George Washington’s first term.

The season has been kicked off by Karl Rove’s insinuations that Hillary Clinton has some sort of debilitating brain injury. The dean of the Swift Boat School of Statesmanship is at it again. Voters persuaded by Rove and his ilk helped change the history of this country’s foreign policy, costing untold loss of life and tax dollars in Iraq, and making us hated abroad and fearful of using our military might where it would be prudent.

There’s really not much that thoughtful Americans can do about the growing number of voters who are gullible enough to believe the likes of Rove, as well as the lies put forth by birthers, evolution- and climate- deniers, and the selfish anarchists who believe no law and no tax is good if it applies to them. The purposefully ignorant who cherry-pick the parts of the Constitution and the Bible that support their own bigotries will always exist and are lost to reasonable persuasion. Hoping that they will change is silly. The only way to counter-balance their effect on our culture is to educate ourselves and our children and make sure that we match the voting levels of the easily duped.

John W. Nelson