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Mike Harrington’s MLB Power Rankings for May 18

(Through Thursday’s games. Last week’s rankings in parentheses).

1. Detroit Tigers. Barring injuries, they could turn AL Central into a runaway. (1)

2. San Francisco Giants. Cain ends 11-start win drought that dated to last August. (2)

3. Milwaukee Brewers. On pace for 103 wins. No way that lasts. Right? (3)

4. Oakland Athletics. Crisp’s return a boost to lineup. (5)

5. Atlanta Braves. Will fabulous pitching continue to prop up a pop-gun offense? (10)

6. Colorado Rockies. Coors covered with snow Monday, expected to hit 80 degrees this weekend. (4)

7. Los Angeles Angels. Big week for Trout: First return home to Philadelphia, first walk-off homer. (19)

8. Baltimore Orioles. Norris draws Tigers’ ire with plunking of Hunter. (8)

9. Washington Nationals. Just 21-19 through 40 games for second straight year. Should be better. (7)

10. Los Angeles Dodgers. Not performing anywhere near their payroll level. (11)

11. New York Yankees. Tanaka or bust with this rotation. (9)

12. St. Louis Cardinals. Decidedly average in first quarter. (15)

13. Toronto Blue Jays. Encarnacion finally heating up at the plate. (14)

14. Boston Red Sox. See Cardinals. Double Series hangover? (16)

15. Seattle Mariners. Rodney burned by old teammates with Rays’ ninth-inning rally. (13)

16. Kansas City Royals. Moustakas still trying to crack .170. (22)

17. Miami Marlins. Fernandez’s Tommy John surgery quickly turns Cinderella hopes into pumpkins. (6)

18. Texas Rangers. Injuries to Harrison, Perez pretty much cook rotation. (12)

19. Chicago White Sox. Abreu, Tanaka in two-horse race for AL Rookie of the Year. (17)

20. New York Mets. Young pitching providing real hope. (18)

21. Minnesota Twins. Big Papi just wears ’em out at Target Field. (24)

22. San Diego Padres. Wearing 1984 browns for NLCS retro series vs. Cubs that opens Friday. (25)

23. Cleveland Indians. Chance to make a move with Tigers hitting town Monday. (20)

24. Cincinnati Reds. Holding their breath over MRI of Votto’s knee. (21)

25. Philadelphia Phillies. Memo to Ryne Sandberg: Stick with Five Guys over Shake Shack. (23)

26. Tampa Bay Rays. Offense still struggling as Zobrist heads to DL. (26)

27. Pittsburgh Pirates. Keeping Polanco in Indy is a disgrace, a nod to money over winning. (27)

28. Arizona Diamondbacks. Goldschmidt’s strong start going to waste. (30)

29. Chicago Cubs. Hard to believe a 13-26 record with just a minus-7 run differential. (28)

30. Houston Astros. I got nothing. They have only a little more than nothing. (29)